Hey Guys.

  My computers spec is

CPU - i5 4670k (4.5Ghz)

GPU - GTX1070


It's quite good I think, but I got 20~30 frames, FrameDrop and Stuttering in Battlefield 1.

and Usage CPU 100% <->Usage GPU 20~30%

well, you know there is many solutions like making user.cfg, rendering scale up, set Max rendered frames, etc... But nothing worked to me.

Here I show you one solution that gets frames to me and gets ride of framedrop!


(picture - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niNc4Xr46xk)

CPU priority change!

1. run Battlefield1

2. run task manager (you know, Ctrl+Alt+del)

3. go details

4. select bf1.exe and right-click - Set priority - set High

- In korean, like this -

   after this, I got cpu 80~95%, GPU 7~80%, smooth frames, no framedrop&stuttering. If you under this problem, now try it!

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